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In March 2010, CAHPI announced a significant restructuring of the National Certification Program for Canadian home inspectors, as follows:


  • The NCA, which administered the NCP and is owned by CAHPI, was absorbed and is now managed by a new CAHPI standing committee.


  • The provincial or regional chapters of CAHPI will maintain all national certificates. 


  • Action will be taken to communicate with national certificate holders and candidates to advise them of these developments.


  • As well, CAHPI policy regulating use of the national certificate holder designation will be amended in order to avoid confusion with the ‘Registered Home Inspector' (RHI) and ‘Associate' designations of the CAHPI provincial or regional bodies.


This change will uphold CAHPI's commitment to ensure consumers are well served by qualified home inspectors throughout Canada.  The need for consumers to have confidence in anyone calling themselves a home inspector is of utmost importance to our organization, and these decisions will uphold and improve the confidence of consumers when hiring a home inspector.


CAHPI is always working to strengthen the bond with consumers.  CAHPI believes that the public and consumers are better served by any action that facilitates decisions by inspectors to seek added opportunities for training, education, and skill enhancement and to pursue membership in the home inspection organizations that offer and require such ongoing education experiences.